How Effective Time Management Can Enhance Your Overall Well-being?

What is Time Management?

“Time management” is the way we decide how best to utilise our time in order to maximize our productivity. Time management is all about the relationship between freedom and time, especially when it comes to achieving long-term goals –Toggl

11 Basic Time Management Tips to Boost your Productivity

There are lots of different ways to plan your time, I am sharing all the ways I have ever come across for you to find a method of planning that works well for you:

List of Time Management Tools:

Here is a list of Mobile Apps to help you stay focused and manage your time

  • StayFocusd: This browser extension allows you to block your choice of websites that you find distracting for a set period of time, allowing you to focus on the task at hand
  • Freedom: Similar to StayFocusd, Freedom allows you to block apps and websites and can be synced across several devices
  • Strict Workflow: This browser extension enforces cycles of 25 minutes of work followed by 5-minute break by temporarily blocking a selection of distracting sites
  • RescueTime: This app helps you to understand what is distracting you by tracking your activity across different websites
  • Headspace: “Less stressed. More resilient. Happier. It all starts with just a few minutes a day.” This app can help you de-stress by taking a few mindful minutes to relax, thus increasing your focus and decreasing overwhelm.
  • Blinkist: This app “brings you knowledge from top nonfiction and podcasts, so you can learn anytime, anywhere.” Blinkist could be useful for learning new information on your lunch break or morning commute during a busy day.



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