Why did I choose to Voice Out for Mental Health and Self-Improvement?

Why Mental Health and Self-Improvement as a Blog Niche?

I cannot sum up the journey of 5 years in 500 or 1000 words. The amount of pain and trauma I have been through in these past 5 years have changed me a lot, the more pain I felt, I realized the more needed to be written about it, because there are many like me or even in the worst condition than me.

How did Writing for Mental Health and Self-Improvement help me to Become a Better Verison of ME?

Writing is cathartic and it also became my path to self-improvement, being completely from a non-psychological background, just to produce authentic and credible content, I did a full-time NLP practitioner course. I finished the Mindfulness practitioner course, and mental health first-aid course, not to become a counselor but to be able to be effective at what I do. To be able to answer anybody who would approach me with their problems, and it helped me.



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Priyanka Joshi

Priyanka Joshi


Among the top mental health bloggers. Founder of Sanity Daily!