Priyanka Joshi
1 min readApr 22, 2020

Like a wildflower, I grow from my roots

untouched, uncared I am own my own

I bloom without being planted

no one sowed the seeds of my existence

like a wildflower, I store an untamed beauty inside me

I see myself grow

I am available in abundance

hence valued less

Inured to settle for less

and how I am a glorious mess

euphoric with my own fragrance

I choose to dance to the mellifluous sound of the rain

hugging the droplets

as it falls on my unclenched petals

I am a wildflower I grow on a barren land

I dance like an agile peacock

I sing with the winds

and flow around valleys steep and thinned

I am wildflower..untamed and untouched.

love, Priyanka

Originally published at http://priyankaspen.com on April 22, 2020.



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